- - Scene - -



“Well, that’s that!”

He opens his chest, grabs his heart and pushes him inside.

“Ouch!” says his heart as he lands at the bottom of the empty chest with a thud. “Hey! Let me back out! Come on!”



“Wait, what are you doing? Why did you do that? I was just starting to get to know him!”



“I would rather not get my heart all excited about you...or your heart.” He points to her heart who is quietly observing. “No offence, but she isn’t….what I expected.”



“But....you barely got to know her…

Look I know she’s shy and soft-spoken now, but she’s really cool once she gets used to you! She can basically sing and do cartwheels at the same time!”

She turns to her heart, “Quick! Let’s show him something!”


Her heart:

Gets up slowly and takes a few steps away.

“I would rather not perform...I’m not a circus lioness.”



Rolls his eyes.  “See what I mean? She’s a bit...much.”


Her heart:

Looks at her and says, “Let him go. We have so much to do and more to love in this life. Who knows how much time is left?”

Her heart quietly walks away.


She’s left staring at him.

A few seconds pass.

She gets up and follows her heart.

- - End - -

Context Notes

Lately I’ve been noticing how our generation approaches love, relationships and commitments.

It can feel like everyone is walking around jaded and unable to commit.

The ‘netflix and chill’ situations that lead to unceremonious text rejections….we’re all eager to be loved but not willing to give love.

We’re not willing to admit that we ‘catch feelings’ and want someone special in our lives.

When we are, we’re not willing to do the ‘relationship work’ of giving love a strong foundation to last.

We don’t go on dates.

We hang out and drink too much.

We don’t talk about how our parents are aging and it’s scary for us to watch.


This piece is for anyone who has found themselves trying to make a genuine connection with someone, in the age of ‘Netflix and Chill’.

Stay true to your heart, she/he knows the way.

Image source: Karla Hernandez