Deploy Your Website with Ease

An absolute fave from 2017, Surge is the perfect tool to deploy your front-end changes to the web, from the command line! Surge is a front-end deployment tool that helps you push changes to your front-end/website from your command line.


It literally takes me a few seconds to deploy changes to my websites/web projects (this one included) thanks to surge. They also create random domains if you would like to see what your site looks like before updating your actual domain.


If you’re like me, working with web pages (HTML, CSS, Javascript) from time to time then this will make your adding changes to the web a whole lot easier! They also have lots of support for whichever dependencies you work with.

Typical Deployment Process with Surge:

  1. Work on your files on your local machine
  2. Open your command line
  3. Head to your folder with the webpages
  4. Surge
  5. --optional domain to view your site--- Or change it to your actual domain name.
  6. Hit enter


Bam! Uploads everything in seconds!


Surge your front-end to the future! Head over to their website to learn more and install.

Image Source: Surge (Logo)